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Chris Guyon: Extraordinary Things Happen to Ordinary People

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One night I had a strange dream – well, I was taken out of it by an angel, who showed me to a room. The angel stood at the back of the room to my right. In the middle of this small room was an oblong table with a chair facing it and sitting on the other side of the table were three beings in long white robes. They nodded for me to sit in the chair facing them. I did so and the being in the middle leaned forward and said, “You have cancer”.

My first response was, “Please don’t let it be the pancreas” as I was aware that this was a very painful way to die. The being in the middle shook his head and said, “It is unusual and it is deep, but all will be well,” really emphasising those last four words. At that point the angel came over to me and once again I was back in my dream. I woke up the following morning wondering what on Earth that had been all about. I told my colleagues what had happened and they were horrified! They couldn’t understand why I would have such a dream.

Four months later, I went to my doctor because I had developed a painful condition on my foot which was causing me so much pain I was finding it difficult to walk. He referred me to the physiotherapy department at the hospital so that I could be shown certain exercises to relieve the pain. On my first visit the very nice physiotherapist asked me to remove my shoes and socks so that she could see my feet. I noticed her frowning at a mark on my inner ankle. It looked just like a blood blister and I had wondered if I had knocked my ankle with a shopping trolley. It didn’t hurt and it didn’t itch so I wasn’t that bothered about it. The physiotherapist asked me had I shown it to my doctor. I said that I hadn’t and she strongly advised me to see him. She then showed me the exercises to help with my painful foot. 

It turned out that my ‘blood blister’ was in fact a malignant melanoma (a dangerous form of skin cancer). I was warned that it was quite aggressive and that it was not of the normal type.

Everyone was shocked at my diagnosis but I remained calm. If the first part of the warning had turned out to be true then so would the rest: “All will be well.” And it was. Here I am four years later telling you about it! People kept telling me at the time how brave I was but bravery had nothing to do with it. Faith in what I had been told, that all would be well, helped carry me through that very dark time.

I am not afraid to die. Death holds no fear for me after my first angel experience at sixteen years old. I feel that I will be going home to a very loving environment. Extraordinary things happen to ordinary people, and by sharing my story I hope it will help you to see the extraordinary events in your own lives.

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