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“I was delighted to see how quickly you responded… it has helped me face my inner fears and feelings… Thank you for your replies and kind words of advice.”   T  G

“Working with [you] was truly a blessing. I received nothing but genuine support, commitment and desire to help see my work published and dreams manifest.”     G P

"At first I felt rather dejected [by your Review] but then realised you were right. [You were] good enough to take the time to help me, which none of the agents or publishers I have written to over the years had done for me. I am so glad now of your comments as it made me rewrite the book..."  D M W

“You have been an inspiration and your input much appreciated.”  K D

“…I've had a huge learning curve for which I do thank you.”  S B

"You were my inspiration… It was your interest that spurred me on and for that I give my heartfelt thanks."    S P

"I thank you most sincerely for your  in-depth and honest review of my work and for your time and effort given in response."   I M R   (whose work was rejected!)

"Thank you for all the advice you have given; it has all been a learning curve for me and I too have grown through it."  S W

"You're doing a great job there on my behalf, I'm sure it'll come back to you…”   S T

“I would like to thank you for your very prompt response to my submitted work and also for your positive criticism… I was quite nervous about entering the competition but am happy to say that you treated me with respect.”  C G

“Your wise words have given the story more of what was needed. I am happy with the way everything has come together, and … I really do trust your judgement. You have been such a great help.”  A M

“…you clearly do not grab the concept of the book nor indeed the characters....”  G H’s mother     

“I've been very impressed by both your professionalism and open-ness, particularly to someone like myself who's writing is a bit unpolished. It would have been easy to dismiss my entry, but I greatly appreciate your guidance and for giving me a chance. I found your critique both useful and sensitively handled. I'm incredibly relieved to have someone like yourself involved in getting this book to the standard it need to be … I really like the thoughtful and sensitive way you go about your reviewing.”   L H

“…I very much appreciate your positive input.”  C L

“…I'm glad I have been fortunate enough to discover such an understanding, caring publishing house for aspiring authors… Local Legend has allowed me to see where I'm going wrong and how to put it right. It has given me back hope and enthusiasm… Thank you, Local Legend, for helping me improve my work.”  N P 

“…the feedback was very helpful as it… was honest and valuable for three reasons: encouraged me to carry on writing, enhanced my creativity,  boosted my confidence…”  S C

“The submission process for me was extremely helpful and encouraging, for which I am very grateful.”  J P

“…Thank-you for all your positive comments, suggestions and encouragement. This has been a rewarding process for me on many levels…”  P H

“Thank you for your consideration throughout the … process and your thoughtful reviews…”   B G

“I wanted to say a big thank you for your time and comments… I did really appreciate the… constructive criticism you gave in such a friendly manner.”  M W

“I wish to give thanks for the patience and professionalism of Nigel Peace who has made this book possible.” S T


“…the material is exceptionally interesting and clearly presented in such a way that it is most enjoyable for us … during the typesetting process [and] the team have really enjoyed hunting out the most suitable typefaces and selecting appropriate styling for them… [W]ith your books we have yet to come across a single issue when running [checks]…”   Doug