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Indigo Haunted

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He had easily out-sprinted her. They rolled over and over, mushing the snow to slush and dangerously close to the cliff’s edge. Indigo’s head hung over the side and she could make out the sea churning white froth around jagged rocks twenty feet below. He slapped her face back and forth. Grabbing his arm with two hands, she bit down on him as hard as she could, drawing blood. Screaming, he leapt to his feet and clutched his bleeding hand.

“Bitch!” he shouted, over the roar of the elements.

Indigo crawled away but he kicked her repeatedly as she curled into a ball, praying to Archangel Michael to intervene. The sky darkened and sleet began to fall. The wind increased in ferocity and he staggered backwards towards the cliff edge like a drunk with no co-ordination. Indigo clambered to her feet facing him. Their breath came out in gasps due to the exertion of the battle. Her long dark hair whipped around her face and for a moment she thought she heard voices carried on the wind, but it must have been her imagination.

“You’re about to die, Indigo,” he smiled nastily. “They’ll all think it was an accident or suicide. Falling twice will look careless.” He laughed manically.

“You’re mental!” Indigo whispered, partly to herself. ‘Help me, Archangel Michael, please.” She begged a silent prayer.

A fountain of seawater shot up, soaking them, followed by a barrage of wind that surged and battered them relentlessly. Indigo fell onto her side, pressed to the ground by the forces of nature. Grey, furious gusts pummelled him, knocking him back onto his heels. Time slowed down as he toppled backwards. He looked almost comical. Panic and fear registered on his face as his arms circled in an attempt to regain his balance, but the elements overpowered him.

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