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John Mawson : Ringturn

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“Father, if it’s all the same with you, I’d rather get on with my work. After all, I am trying to work on a practical way to get us off this planet!”

“If your grandfather had not made the chance discovery that there was a way to harness the ZPV field, and if I hadn’t succeeded in the practical work that made it all possible to bring just the tiniest amount of that boundless energy into our reality we’d probably all be choking to death on carbon emissions by now. As it is, they say I was too late to stop the climate change which looks like it’s irreversible,” he waved his cigar towards the old leaded lights where the rain drummed its constant tattoo. “The ZPV energy may save the planet from total ruin, but to use it for space travel is fiction; science fiction!”

Paul rounded on his father, “You just can’t say that. What you and Granddad did; what you discovered was, sure, the greatest discovery in human history, but what you’re doing now is just sitting back and saying, ‘OK, that’s it, that’s as far as we can go.’ Dad, that’s crazy, it’s like being in prison and along comes someone who gives you the key to escape and you just sit in your cell using it to scratch the passing days on the wall!”

“God boy, you should have been a poet. And that reminds me, you’re sixteen damnit and you haven’t brought a girl home…”