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Melanie Hallett: We Are One

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Perhaps one of the reasons that we start along this path of spiritual enquiry is because something happens so that the way we thought we were walking clearly and happily along suddenly stops. Usually this is something dreadful. Is that what drew you to it? I have done the opposite at times as I have always been on this path; I grew up with it and talking to dead people is normal for me, but religion is not. I guess I found religion when I found God and I needed a place to research that in.  

I have been deeply hurt along my pathway of unfoldment and, surprisingly, by people who are supposed to be spiritual; that drove me away from the religious path again. I couldn’t understand how those who were supposed to be running Spiritualism could allow such dreadful behaviour. Wasn’t there some sort of punishment system, such as defrocking, in Spiritualism? Yes there is, but spiritual people don’t like confrontation and don’t like looking at nasty stuff. And no-one likes to accept that there is bad behaviour in the gang they belong to because it looks bad for them too, doesn’t it?

          I had really thought that my purpose for living was to be a medium and to help people, but now I know that it isn’t. Being a medium, a healer or spiritual worker of any kind and in any walk of life or religion, is no better than any other job. What is important is the way we do our jobs. Or if we are out of work or unable to work, the way we handle that is just as important in the grand scheme of things as being Prime Minister or King or Archbishop. It is all about mindfulness and doing our living in a way such that we get absolutely everything out of it we can, to be a kinder and more loving, more supportive person. You can be Chancellor of the Exchequer with the potential to ease child poverty and instead filch the money for those who are already rich. You can be a refuse collector yet help disabled people by collecting their bins from the back of the house and then taking them back again. You can be a priest and abuse children, or a church warden who maintains all the graves in your own time just so that the bereaved relatives are uplifted. There is an opportunity to be a complete arse in every aspect of life - or to be an angel.