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I am just human, after all.

I may be everything,

at one with every thing,

yet I am no thing.

And if these words were to disappear from this page,

or if I were to leave without a single trace,

would I be missed?

Would any of it make a difference?

As I allow these thoughts to take hold,

I can feel my essence fade away,

instantly feeling sadness, hurt and pain.

All I am is memory.


And there really is no purpose.

Regardless of my beliefs - or truth - can I ever really be certain

of any thing?

Once again, I remind myself, I am no thing. 

Now I think of all the people in my life

and if they know I'm feeling all alone and dead inside

and if they’d truly care…

With all the problems we create in our own lives,

would they really push aside their own despair?

The darkness just increases as the mind is thinking,

self-doubt and depression sink in….

How can we ever truly know the sacrifices others make?

How can we be aware of the energy others put into

making this world a better place?

No-one knows that every single day

I put on my game face,

forcing myself to be brave,

to try and be the best I can –

saving Grace. 

And even as I feel all this

I know I shall receive resistance.

I know that there are many who will carelessly dismiss this

and the people whom I love and express this for

could choose to actively ignore

everything I stand for and all I teach.

So why do I still speak?

The single tear that’s rolling down my face will say it all,

the pounding in my heart gives me determination not to fall,

the courage to continue with my dream,

the strength I need to be the best me I can be.

People say that mountains can be moved by faith;

moreover, I propose that our entire cosmos can be changed

by love.

It’s love that allows me still to know,

love that allows my light to grow,

and love allows these words still to be written

and sink in.

It’s love that helps insecurity and doubt to fade to black

while memories of the power of light and faith come flooding back.

So every time I feel there is no purpose

and feel myself becoming consumed by the dark,

I remind myself: yes - I am only human,

but a human with a heart.


The peace within...

All that is manifests from the state of mind we're in,

the external a reflection of the inner workings of the skin.

A Buddha nature yields a world free from sin,

as we powerfully produce through the energies of thought and action

a peaceful mind of unity and stillness,

resulting in compassion.

Thus we affect the world around, with a gift of strong healing,

for remaining peaceful within allows for greater feeling;

a balance between body and mind, dissolution of hostility,

allowing spirit to flow freely and heal the world's atrocities.

Inner conflicts only brings dis-ease on a collective scale,

the individual self-interest contributing to the whole.

The peace within...

The world around us is a reflection of the state of mind we're in.