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In 1994 my school had two minibuses, one older but in better condition than the other, and I learned that they were to be sold off at a nominal price to make way for new ones. I made the Bursar a token offer of £100 for the older bus, intending to convert it into a campervan for holidays; the offer was accepted and we shook hands on the deal. On the 10th of April I did an I Ching reading about my project: the result described “distrustful people” and “difficulties” leading to “grief” and “shock”. I was getting a warning but I really couldn’t understand or believe it; so I tried again but the new reading also described “others interfering with one’s good intentions” and the matter being closed in “a period of seven”.

That same night I dreamed that I was returning home from abroad in a hired car. Near a crossroads I saw someone selling horses, a mare and a foal. I switched the hazard lights on and stopped to talk to the man, offering to buy the mare for £450. Still, I didn’t feel sure about the deal. While I was deciding, I saw the police take my car away so I left to try and retrieve it without making the purchase. The dream ended with the police returning my car to me.

My interpretation ran like this: being abroad and hiring a car suggested a holiday time, while the crossroads and the hazard lights clearly indicated a decision to be made and perhaps danger; selling horses (that is, ‘horse  trading’) is a cultural symbol of dishonesty; my car being taken away obviously meant that my progress or plans would be damaged, though without too much harm done since the car was later returned. I didn’t know what to make of the other details and, perhaps stupidly, I didn’t even connect the dream to the I Ching reading immediately – well, I trusted the Bursar and had no reason to believe anything was amiss in that situation.

Almost exactly seven weeks later on the 26th of May, the Bursar reneged on his promise, claimed that we’d never even discussed the idea let alone shaken hands on it, and put the minibus up for secret auction (I have never found out why). It was eventually sold to a colleague of mine – I had thought he was a friend and had discussed my plans with him – for £450. It now became clear that the two horses in the dream represented the minibuses (one older than the other) and it may be worth recording that the Bursar’s name was clearly hinted at in the dream!

What is so remarkable about this dream is that it is not some vague premonition that something might go wrong with the deal, as if perhaps I’d picked up the man’s body language and had had inner doubts.

No, this was an actual precognition of factual details, which nobody knew at that time.

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