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Words to Ease Your Soul

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You Are Beautiful

Do you know how beautiful you are? Do you know your worth?

So many of you do not, so many of you berate yourselves each day for not being ‘good enough’. But good enough for what and for whom? All you need to know is that you are good enough for you. Everything about you is just perfect, for you.

Stop trying to fit the lives of others to your own. Choose your own version - be different. Be the champion of your destiny and the master of your own life. Take off your boxing gloves! Live in this moment, but remember all the other moments as it is those that help us.

Make the correct choices, don’t try so hard, just allow it to happen. Ultimately the end result will be perfect.

If I told you, you were beautiful would you smile? So smile - close your eyes, know the truth and feel cherished.


When you want that change so much…

When you want to move forward in your life…

When you have given all you can

and still to no avail

and the frustration can’t be tamed…


Just cease.

To do nothing it is to do all.

Silence can be very deafening.

And sometimes we just have to wait.

Our dreams and gifts will be of greater service

when we relinquish control

and sustain our values beyond just survival.

Then we shall blossom.

And when the wild time is tamed,

the springboard is set for us to explore…

to commit and find our dreams.

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